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Related article: Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2010 20:54:53 -0700 (PDT) From: woody smith Subject: after gym class ch 01I was tired. It was the last period of the day, so at least the day would be over soon. I didn't sleep very well last night, still thinking about that jerk Josh and what he had said. "I really want someone who is more open to doing different things sexually," he had said. What the fuck, he was such a dick and a small one at that! He had no idea how bad he was in bed. I just wanted to find a guy who could actually last more than one minute before cumming and rolling off of me."What's so funny?" Sara asked. I realized that I had been smiling at the thought of calling Josh `minute man.' I was brought back to reality. Sara, my gym partner, was holding the rope for me. It was my turn to climb up the rope. God, I hated gym. Sara was cool though, and we were giggling because we both sucked at rope climbing and fell back down often. It was hard work too, and we had both begun to perspire.As seniors, gym class was usually very boring. None of us really cared, and we didn't really try very hard. I landed with a splat, and lay on the mat adjusting my too-small sports bra. I had almost popped out again. In contrast to my dark skin and hair, Sara was blonde, taller and a little stockier than me, but had nice curves too. Guys always seemed to drool over her ass and she wore spandex often. She seemed to like the attention, but she never had a boyfriend, at least not that anyone knew about. She was a bit of a loner, and I really didn't know her very well outside of gym class.Sara was leaning over me now, offering her hand to pull me Preteen Cp up off the mat again. "Come on Candy, up one more time." I was too tired and just pulled her down to the mat with me."No, you come down here, it's more comfortable!" Sara landed next to me with a flop as we both giggled uncontrollably again. Sara's leg landed over top of mine, and as she moved to get up. I felt something different pressing against my thigh, but wasn't sure what to think. Then old Ms. Peters blew the whistle and the day was finally over. We both headed to the locker room. Sara's arm was around me as we were still giggling. It felt good to be close to someone. I realized that Josh had completely slipped my mind, and I was glad for that.I sat on the bench and opened my locker. Sara's locker was at the other end of the room from me, and I watched her walk down the aisle. I could see her standing in front of her locker as she started to undress. I was thinking that Sara was attractive, her firm body looking muscular. I could see what the guys liked about her ass. Her gym shorts trimmed her butt very nicely. I could see her small breasts pressing against her `KISS' t-shirt. I remembered back to the feeling of us lying on the mat together, laughing. Her body felt warm and good so close to my own. I wonder... Then I glanced up again at her, and noticed that she was staring back at me, a slight smile on her face. "Oh shit," I thought. "She caught me staring at her. She's going to think I'm a freak." I quickly looked down and started to untie my gym shoes.Everyone else was moving out quickly. Nobody wanted to stay late after the last class. Seniors got to go home whenever we were done, so there were only four or five girls left. The room started to get quiet as it emptied. I was moving in slow motion, wondering about my thoughts. Why was I thinking about Sara's body? My thoughts drifted back to when I was 13, and my 15-year old cousin Jennifer and I went skinny dipping in her pool when we were alone at night. I remembered how good her body felt when she came up behind me and started caressing my body in the water. I smiled as I patted my face with my towel, sitting on the bench facing the locker."Doing anything fun tonight?" It was Sara's voice right behind me. I turned quickly and saw her standing next to me, wearing only a black sports bra and matching boy short silk panties. I licked my lips."Naw, I broke up with my boyfriend, so just going to hang out, I guess.""Oh I'm sorry," Sara said, and she put her hand on my shoulder. I felt electricity run through my body. It felt really good."Thanks, but really, it's a good thing," I replied, turning back to my locker. I noticed my voice cracked a little.Sara was standing close, and I noticed that feeling again of something pressing into me, this time at the top of my back just under my shoulder, as I sat on the bench in front of Sara. It was warm and covered with soft silk. I turned around to look just as Sara turned away and started wrapping her towel around her waist."Well good for you then", Sara said. I watched as she walked back to her locker. She got there, and with her back to me, dropped the towel, and took off her bra. I strained to see if I could get a peek at her bare breasts. For some reason, I really wanted to see. She turned a little sideways, and I could see her stiff pink nipples. They looked very sexy and I sucked in my breath. They were about a B cup, perky with nipples off slightly to the side. I remembered back to how good Jennifer's had felt in my hands, about the same size as Sara's were now. Sara wrapped the towel again around her body, and then leaned over as she stepped out of her panties, one leg at a time, tossing them into her locker. She turned to me, "I'll see you later. I'm going to take a shower today. Climbing that stupid rope got me too sweaty." As she turned, her towel opened just a bit. She quickly closed the slit and turned away from me, then walked toward the shower room.Not many girls actually took showers after gym. Nobody wanted to mess up their hair and makeup. But hell, I was going to drive straight home so nobody would see me. Right now, a shower would feel pretty good. And, I had to admit, I didn't want to leave just yet. I caught myself checking out Sara's ass in that towel again."Hold up, I'm taking one too." I called out. I quickly undressed and wrapped the towel around me as well, then walked quickly to catch up. We got to the showers almost at the same time. The girls' shower room had private stalls about neck high, with a thin curtain that covered the opening. Sara tossed her towel to the bench and went inside the first one. Standing Preteen Cp behind her, I got a good view of her bare butt. It really was a nice one, round but not fat. Smooth and shapely. Sara went inside and turned on the water, her face up into the spray.I entered the stall next to hers, hanging the towel on the hook, and turned the faucet. The water turned warm quickly, and felt really good over my body. I let it run over me, my face, hair and body. I got some of the soap from the dispenser, and started to work it around my breasts and stomach, bending over to run my hands up and down my legs. Then back up to my breasts again. I noted that my nipples were very hard. Unusual for me since the water was so warm. I could really feel myself starting to relax and enjoy my own touch. My mind wandered back to Jennifer, remembering how she touched my tiny breasts back then. I had grown up well from my trainer bra days back then, a full C cup now."Feels good, doesn't it?" I was almost startled. Sara was looking at me, only a few feet away, separated by the shower wall."Yeah, it's a good idea, this shower thing," I said, realizing how dumb that sounded. I looked at Sara and noticed that her eyes were looking down. Sara was about 5 inches taller, and I realized that she could see my breasts and maybe more as she looked over the wall. I didn't mind at all, actually I liked the thought of Sara checking me out. Sara had a smile on her face, and that made me feel good. I continued to soap myself, rubbing my breasts and stomach, hands moving over my ass and back up again. I think water is so erotic, and I was beginning to get turned on, and that somehow made me braver. I looked over at Sara, who was still staring at me and smiling. "So, do you need your back washed?" I couldn't believe how that came out of my mouth. I was sure Sara would freak out and run."God, that would be great!" Sara squealed. "Would you mind?""Of course not, I know how great that feels," I said. I stepped out of my stall and walked over to Sara's. Her back was to me, the shower running down her front. That gorgeous ass was right in front of me now, and I stepped into the small stall with her. I realized that I was now wet, and it wasn't from the shower. As I reached over for the soap, my breasts momentarily pressed into Sara's back. I rubbed my hands together and began to rub the lather on Sara's shoulders."Mmmm that feels so good," Sara moaned. I wanted to tell her how good it felt to touch her back. She had such broad shoulders and smooth skin. I just rubbed her back with the soapy water, starting at her shoulders and working my way down. I got to the small of her back, and couldn't resist caressing Sara's ass with my wet hands. Another moan escaped Sara's lips. I continued to rub with both hands, giving ample attention to that ass of hers. Each time I touched her ass, Sara moaned again. Her hips were swaying and her own hands were rubbing her stomach and below."Okay, I'm being selfish. It's your turn," Sara said. "You get under the water now. " I slid around to the front of the stall, and we were back to back for a minute. Our wet slippery asses rubbed together as we squeezed by each other in the small stall. More electricity shot up my spine. I was Preteen Cp now standing under the water, and Sara's hands were working my shoulders now."Oh yes, that is awesome," I moaned. Sara's hands were strong and warm, but sensual. As she started to caress my ass, I moaned even louder. I was so turned on now. I wanted to rub my own breasts and nipples but held back.Both of Sara's hands were on my waist, rubbing up and down my sides. Suddenly Sara slipped her hands around my front, and started to caress my aching breasts. She held my hard nipples between her fingers. I moaned loudly and leaned back into Sara. I felt Sara's breasts against my back. Then I felt something else. It was something hard, but smooth, positioned against the top of my ass crack. Suddenly I knew what was happening. I turned quickly, face to face with Sara, and looked down at her body, past her perky breasts, down her flat stomach. Right there, between Sara's legs, was a hard cock. It was about 6 inches, and very erect. I froze, not moving and staring at Sara's penis, the smooth head looking so inviting.Sara was smiling. She took my face in her hands, raising my head to look into her eyes. She softly kissed me on the lips, and I had to respond. My mind was racing, but I just wanted to kiss her back, so I did. We pressed our bodies together as our tongues explored each other's mouths. Sara's cock pressed against my stomach, and it felt really good. I reached down to caress it, my hand closing around the shaft, stroking it slowly under the steam of water. Sara moaned to my touch, leaning back to give me better access."Do you like Preteen Cp my little surprise I?" Sara asked with a smile. "It seems like you do.""Mmm yes I love it," I said. I licked my lips again and moved in to kiss Sara. Our breasts pressed together, my hand still stroking the smooth shaft. I kissed Sara's neck, her lips nibbling her ear. "You are so beautiful; I want to suck it, Sara.""I would like that, Candy." She moaned the words. I moved to my knees, the water cascading over my back as Sara moved closer to me. I stroked the cock in my hand, kissing Sara's stomach and down to her smooth thighs. Gently, I kissed the head of the cock and tasted that sweet pre cum oozing just a bit from the slit. "Oh my God!" Sara moaned. "Suck me Candy! God you're so good. I've wanted you to do this for so long!""Mmmm," was my only response as I took the head into my mouth. I grabbed her beautiful ass with both hands as I started to pull her in deeper. Her cock was so smooth, totally hairless, like my own pussy. I caressed her small tight balls with one hand as I released her cock, then took it deep again. She tasted so good. Not gross like Josh's. Her cock wasn't as thick, but it was longer. It was easier to take deep. I loved how it felt in my mouth. I pulled her out of my mouth, holding the shaft near the top, and licked underneath it, letting it slide over my lips. I sucked and licked her balls while I stroked her."Oh Candy... sooo good," she was moaning. Her hips were thrusting toward me. I was so turned on, my hand moved down between my own legs. In spite of the water on my back, I was soaked with my juices, and I began to rub my clit. I could feel how stiff it was. I had never been this turned on sucking Josh's cock. This felt really good. I let my finger slip inside my pussy and began to pump it as my mouth moved up and down Sara's hard shaft.Suddenly Sara pulled me up off the floor, her cock slipping out of my mouth with a pop. "I don't want to cum in your mouth yet," she moaned. I was disappointed, but she began to kiss me hard, her arms pulling me tightly toward her. Her cock was rubbing against my smooth stomach, and she was moving her hips back and forth as out tongues mingled, sucking each other's, feeling so good to kiss her smooth lips. Our hands were caressing each other's butts, and it was awesome.I had no idea how much time had passed, but a low voice startled me. We both froze, holding each other. Sara reached around me and shut off the water so we could hear. "Locking up! Is anyone still here?" It was Coach Jason's voice."Shit!" we both exclaimed at once. Sara reached for her towel, but it was too late. Coach stood at the shower entrance, his eyes moving up and down both our bodies. Coach Jason was a muscular 30ish, he wore gym shorts and a wife beater, his arms bulging. Most of the girls had crushes on him, and although I hadn't really thought about him, he was very hot for an older guy."Sorry girls, I thought someone had just left the shower on again." His eyes Preteen Cp dropped to Sara's now-shrinking cock, and he bit his lip. Sara quickly covered up with the towel. He smiled broadly. "Hello Sara. I see the staff rumors are true. Very nice." He said it in a way that was complimentary, and for some reason, I didn't feel threatened. Sara blushed and stood there, in front of me. I tried to use her as a screen as my towel was still in the other stall. He looked at me, "I'm sorry, I don't know your name, hon.""Candy", I stammered, looking down. Whenever I said my name to a guy, there was usually that smirk and some rude comment."Hello Candy, I Preteen Cp didn't mean to interrupt, please continue," he said softly.I was mortified, but somehow the embarrassment seemed to fade away. I held Sara tighter, not sure what to do. I had to admit, I was still turned on by the foreplay. Jason just stood watching us. Neither of us moved, and Jason started to walk toward us. "Don't worry, I'm really not going to say anything. I don't blame you Candy, Sara is a beautiful `girl'." He said "girl" naturally, without sarcasm. He was close to us now. He reached out and took the towel from Sara, who didn't resist.Jason and I both couldn't help but look down. Sara's cock was starting to stiffen again. She turned to look me in the eyes, searching for what to do. I turned her toward me, and held her to my body, kissing her cheek. "I'm not ready to stop just yet," I whispered in her ear. She smiled at me, and I felt her cock jerk a little against my stomach again. We both looked back at Jason, and both of our eyes dropped to his crotch. There was definitely a bulge growing, and he licked his lips."Come over here, girls," he said, and motioned toward the wooden benches against the wall. "Sit down, Candy". Obediently, I sat on the bench. "Now lay back," he said. I laid flat, my back against the cool wood, not sure what to expect. He stood next to me, and Sara sat on the bench at my feet. "You've been wanting to taste her, haven't you Sara," he said knowingly."Yes.""She wants you to." He was so right. I needed her to lick me. I didn't care who watched. I opened my legs and Sara leaned toward me. She kissed my stomach, her tongue rolling around my belly button, then trailing kisses down over my shaved mound, then inside my thighs. The juices immediately started flowing again, the electricity in my body hardening my nipples. "That's right, lick that sweet pussy, taste her juices." Sara's tongue touched my outer lips, circling around them. Her tongue brushed my clit and stiffened it. Her tongue felt so good."Mmmm," I moaned. "Yesssss."I glanced over at Jason, who was now rubbing his mound through his shorts. He stood next to me, and as I enjoyed Sara's tongue on me, I saw the head of his cock peeking over his waistband. He quickly pulled his shorts off and freed it. My God Preteen Cp he was huge. Thick and long, at least 8 inches. He stroked it right over me, and I licked my lips. His eyes were glued to Sara's mouth over my pussy. I squeezed my legs together, trapping Sara's head between them, pushing my hips to her thrusting tongue. I looked down at the top of her head, and pulled her even closer to me. I noticed that her one hand was between her legs, obviously stroking her own cock. She licked and sucked, then looked up at me. Our eyes met, and I smiled. She really was good at this. Then Sara pressed her finger inside me, sliding in deep easily. I think she pushed in another finger, and started to fuck me with them as she sucked on my clit.Suddenly Jason's cock was at my face. He had lowered it to my mouth. I grabbed it, and started licking the head, tasting his precum now. It was so thick that just getting the entire head in my mouth was a struggle. He tasted a little salty, but smelled good. I grabbed the shaft and started stroking it as I licked underneath it, getting it nice and wet from my saliva. His hands were roughly rubbing my breasts, and pinching my hard nipples between his fingers. I moaned at his touch and at Sara's fingering of my wet pussy.The combination of Sara's expert tongue and Jason's hard cock in my mouth suddenly took over my body. I started to thrash, and Sara held my hips tightly as I felt my orgasm starting to build. It was as if it was slow motion, building slowly but strongly. I knew this was going to be a good one. As the first wave hit, I pressed into Sara's mouth, and she sucked on my clit. Another wave and I released so much cum that I think I soaked Sara's face. I had to pull Jason out of my mouth to catch my breath."Ohhhh Sara!" I screamed. "Fuck! I'm cumming so hard!" The release was overwhelming, and I could see stars as it overtook my body. She released my sensitive clit from her lips, and just kissed my lips as my body spasms slowed down. Jason continued to stroke his cock, his hands rubbing lightly now over my breasts. I looked down to see Sara's wet face smiling broadly at me.I sat upright as Sara did the same, facing me straddling the bench. We kissed long and hard, tasting my sweetness in her mouth and on her lips. It felt so good. I glanced down and saw her semi-hard cock between her legs. She was smiling, "Did you like that?""God, that was amazing!" I screeched. "Now your turn."She stood up. I turned on the bench and took her cock in my hand. It became hard instantly. Jason stood next to her, continuing to stroke his cock. They were a good contrast, both very hard, Sara's member smooth and thin, and Jason's thick and long, with a tuft of red hair against his crotch that matched his short hair and goatee. I reached out with my other hand and stroked him as well, sliding up and down his thickness. I pulled Sara's cock into my mouth deeply, right to the hilt. She grabbed my head and started to push back and forth, fucking my mouth slowly. She felt so good. Then she pulled back and her cock slipped out with a plop. She moved my head to her right, positioning it in front of Jason."Suck him for me baby," she said in a sultry voice. I stroked her cock as I took his into my mouth. It was so much bigger, so it was hard to get much in. Jason started to push into my mouth, and I gagged a little. He didn't stop, and I got over the feeling as more of it stretched my mouth. I continued to stroke Sara, hearing her moaning. I glanced up to her, and she smiled down as she watched me sucking Jason's big dick. I gave her cock a good squeeze and continued to suck him. She moved even closer to him, so their hips here together. She Preteen Cp turned slightly, and the tip of her cock touched my cheek. I pulled Jason out of my mouth, stroking them both together. The tips of their cocks were touching and they both moaned together. As I looked up, Jason had leaned over and was kissing Sara, their tongues exploring together.I went back to Sara's cock now, still stroking Jason's. Both of their hips pushed forward. I caressed Sara's balls as I took her all the way in, then back out. She was thrusting harder now, moaning loudly as she kissed Jason. He was also moaning, so I went back to his cock and sucked harder, still stroking Sara's. He leaned forward on Sara, and took her hard nipple in his mouth, sucking her tit while I sucked his delicious prick. I felt Sara ooze more precum, and I worked it up and down her shaft, making my hand slide deliciously.I knew I wanted to taste Sara again. Jason's cock plopped out of my mouth and I immediately filled it with hers. I could hear her moaning even louder, and she pulled my head toward her again. I loved the feel of her fucking my open mouth."Ohhh Candy!" she shouted. "I'm going to cum baby!" I sucked even harder, feeling her cock grow harder and thicker as she peaked. Suddenly my mouth was filled with warm, salty, but delicious cum. I stroked Jason even harder as I tried to swallow all of Sara's juices."Yessss baby!" he moaned loudly, and then I felt my cheek wet. He was cumming spurts on my face and on Sara's cock. I could taste them mixed together. Sara continued to spasm in my mouth as I squeezed her and licked the head of her cock, trying to get every drop. I quickly moved over to Jason's, his cum still leaking out the tip as I licked and sucked it, working his hard but softening big shaft with my hand.I stood up, between them, and the three of us kissed. They both licked the remaining cum off my lips and tongue, as we held each other in a naked triangle. I gave Sara's ass a good squeeze, feeling her cock against my side still leaking small droplets. I kissed her cheek, and whispered in her ear. "Baby, you are amazing."She smiled broadly, and kissed my cheek. Her throaty voice said "No Candy, you are. I want you so bad." We both looked over at Jason, Sara's hand moved down to his now flaccid cock, caressing his balls. "Think we should keep him?" I smiled back at her, and winked.To be continued?
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